Nepal has been the focus of outstanding achievements in the world of mountaineering, with it’s eight peaks above 8000 meters. It has challenged the minds and bodies of those who have dared for decades Among the identified 1310 peaks above 6000 meter, one quarter are officially opened for mountaineering activities, including the ‘trekking peaks’. Tackling these peaks is the next step beyond ‘simply’ trekking, before scaling the eight thousanders. Trek2Climb is unique in running Climbing Clinics before the ascent, to ensure you are well prepared to successfully scale the summit and make it a memorable experience. In all our expeditions we have knowledgeable local group leaders with climbing Sherpas who have considerable mountaineering expertise and experience. What are Climbing Clinics? The aim of our climbing clinics is to build self-confidence and increase the rate of success of each participant. The climbing Sherpas will brief the group on the theory and practical use of climbing gear (ice axe, joomer, crampons, rope fixing etc), and then instruct each member during practice climbs. Clinics are held at the Base Camp for 2 days, (time that most companies use purely for acclimatisation)

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