All visitors except the Indian nationals must hold a valid passport and a valid visa to enter Nepal.

Your Visa can be obtained at Nepalese Embassies or Consulates abroad.

A Visa can also be issued at the entry points like Kathmandu International Airport upon arrival.

Children under 10 years do not need not pay any visa fee.

People willing to get their Entry Visa in this way are required to fill the visa form with a passport photograph. So, it is suggested that you download the form and have it ready for when you are passing through the Immigration Point.

Tourist Visa

  • Multiple entry 15 days US$ 25 or equivalent convertible currency
  • Multiple entry 30 days US$ 40 or equivalent convertible currency
  • Multiple Entry 90 days US$ 100 or equivalent convertible currency

Tourist Visa Extension

  • The Visa extension fee for 15 days or less is US $ 30 or equivalent convertible currency and visa extension fee for more than 15 days is US$ 2 per day
  • The Tourist Visa can be extended for a maximum period of 150 days in a single visa year (January – December).

Gratis (Free) Visa

  • Gratis visa for 30 days available only for tourists of SAARC countries.
  • Indian nationals do not require visa to enter into Nepal

Transit Visa
Transit visa for one day can be obtained from Nepal’s immigration offices at the entry points upon the production of departure flight ticket via Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu, Nepal by paying US $ 5 or equivalent convertible currency.

For further information, Department of Immigration,
web site:

Download Visa Application Form

Note: Nepal government gives a visa on arrival to all nationalities except the following at the moment –
Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Swaziland, Cameroon, Somalia, Liberia and Ethiopia from African continent as well as Iraq, Palestine and Afghanistan and from the Asian continent.