Mountain Monarch book hotel accommodation for you in Kathmandu and Pokhara on a Bed & Breakfast basis.

Depending on the mode of trekking you will stay in local teahouses, lodges or in your own tented camp.

We offer an Open Choice Menu on all our treks where you can select the food you like for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Your leader/guide will help with menu selection and ensure that your food is hygienically prepared, plentiful, tasty and nutritious Most lodges and teahouses offer a variety of rice and noodle dishes, as well as seasonal vegetables. A variety of cereals, bread and egg dishes are generally available for breakfast.Correctly boiled safe water is served for drinking at breakfast and dinner time. We provide correctly boiled drinking water on all our treks – especially treks in the Everest region. Our staff ensure this by boiling all drinking water for the adequate time on kerosene stoves.

We recommend that you support the local economy by collecting safe drinking water from local stations on treks in the Annapurna region.

On camping expedition treks, our hygienically trained and experienced cooks produce amazing varied tasty meals to satisfy the largest appetites even on the top of mountains in far less than ideal conditions.

To start the day, breakfast consists of a choice of porridge, muesli and cereal followed by an omelette, fried or scrambled eggs with chapattis or bread. Lunch is generally a selection of salad, cooked vegetable dishes, pasta and traditional breads. Dinner is a hearty 3 course meal – soup, followed by a variety of vegetable, meat, rice and pasta dishes followed by a simple dessert. Tea, coffee and hot chocolate are also provided at all meals. Correctly boiled safe water is served for drinking.